Inspire Bored Teen Piano Students!


Get your teen students fired up and excited about practicing with these tips!

Choose music that interests your teen and challenges him.  Have a selection of fascinating repertoire for him to choose from.  Students will want to practice if they like how the piece sounds!


The right music.

Change It Up!

Make practice fun by trying out new apps and routines.  Encourage music appreciation, improvisation, and composition.

Ensure your student has a goal. Sandwich constructive criticism with praise. Make sure that you're excited about piano. Reflect with the student on his progress.

What You Need to Do


Teach music history.

Learning music history will help your students understand and appreciate the music more.

Attend a concert.

Watching a live pianist perform will impress your student!  He may even want to learn one of the songs he heard.

Don't feel that you have to have everything figured out in advance.  What's most important is fueling your student's love for music, so keep working towards that goal!

Learn with your student.

Learning music is a journey.

Remember to stay positive, to be encouraging, and to persevere!

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