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how many keys are on a piano?

Ever wondered why pianos have 88 keys?

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How many keys are on a piano?

There's an astonishing 88 keys on each traditional piano (52 white and 36 black).

How many octaves are on a piano?

There's 7 full octaves on a piano plus three notes below the lowest C on the keyboard.

Why do pianos have 88 keys?

Steinway, a famous piano manufacturer, made this a standard in the 1880s.

Is a 61 key keyboard enough?

Not really!  If you're serious about learning piano, you need to have all 88 keys.

Does 88 keys include black keys?

Yes, it does!  Did you know that there's 36 black keys across the keyboard?

What are the white notes called?

The white notes are called naturals, while the black ones are called sharps or flats.

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