Choosing the Right Piano Music

Play what you love!

Tired of boring repertoire selections?

Spice things up with these tips for selecting fun and challenging piano pieces!

Every serious piano student should be learning some classical music, but make sure to incorporate other genres like jazz, pop, or church music to keep things fun.


Pick the genre.


Don't choose a song with too many large chords on a page for your skill level.  Avoid complex ornamentation, time signatures, and long pieces until you are ready for them.

Have variety.

Choose pieces in a variety of genres and of different difficulty levels. Have a piece you can learn in 1 month, and 2 pieces you can perfect in 3-4 months.

Change things up even more!

Select pieces with different tempos and contrasting technical difficulties to prevent boredom or strain.

The number of songs you should be learning at a time depends upon your skill level. For most students, a good goal is to be learning 2-4 pieces at a time.

How Many Pieces?


How long to learn?

The difficulty of the piece, your skill level, and your practice time affect how long it will take you to learn a piece.

Buy sheet music and books from brick-and-mortar music stores, artist websites, and reputable sheet music sites. You can always borrow music from a teacher or friend, too!

Where can I find music?

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