Preparing for a Piano Recital

Not sure how to prepare for an upcoming recital?  Follow these tips for success!

Choose your recital piece.  Listen to new music from streaming services to find inspiration. Purchase high-quality sheet music. Pick a song that challenges you, but isn't too difficult.

6 Months Ahead

Months Ahead

Now it's time to start learning your piece!  Learn it in small chunks.  Always start with new material, then review parts you already know.

Work on memorizing the notes, fingering, rhythms, volume, and expression of the piece.  Record yourself to see your progress. Be wary of overpracticing!

1 Month Ahead

1 Week Ahead

This is the final polishing stage.  Practice without your music to test your memorization, and do test performances for family and friends.


Recital Day Strategies

Get a good sleep the night before. Eat well on recital day. Avoid stress. Don't overpractice.

Feel your best.


More Tips for A Wonderful Piano Recital





Be satisfied with doing your best, not necessarily playing the piece perfectly or better than someone else.

If possible, try out the piano before performing.  Play a couple scales or studies to get a feel for it.

Warm up before you perform. It's hard to play well with stiff fingers!

Breathe deeply.  Your muscles need oxygen to work at their best!  Don't overthink your playing, either.

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