How Can I Get Motivated to Practice Piano?

Is practice feeling like a chore? Do you dread sitting down at the piano?

If so, these tips are perfect for you!

Always remember:  Why are you learning piano?

Keeping this in mind will help you create the right goals for your practice time and motivate you to complete them.

Create a practice routine.  Change your warmups, and learn some new music that makes you feel excited and energized. Be sure to set a goal to keep you motivated!

Change Things Up

Have fun!

Learn music you enjoy playing, and connect with the feel of the pieces. Make sure to play when you're the most productive and focused.

Encourage Yourself

Watch or listen to old recordings of you playing the piano to see your progress. Reward yourself when you accomplish your goals.

Sometimes, you just need to rest your mind and body from practicing.  Taking a few hours, days, or even a whole week off will many times reset your enthusiasm!

Take a Break

Having proper posture at the piano will make your practice time more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sit correctly.


More Motivational Tips





Watch or listen to your favorite pianists. This is a quick and easy way to feel more excited about piano!

Track your progress and reward yourself when you accomplish your goals.

Practice in a few shorter segments rather than one long session. It's more productive and less intimidating this way!

Perform for an audience. This will give you a deadline for practicing new songs and enrich your musical abilities.

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