What to Look for in a Great Piano Teacher

Want to learn how to play the piano?

Start by finding the ideal teacher for you!

Start by determining your goals for learning piano.

You'll want to find a teacher who will help you accomplish your goals, not force their goals on you.

A potential instructor should be passionate and skilled, honest with you about mistakes, and patient during difficulties. They should make you feel excited about music!


Technical Aspects

Finding an experienced teacher is important. Degrees and affiliations can be good, but don't guarantee that a teacher can teach well.  Can the instructor play and perform skillfully?

Ask about policies.

Make sure that you understand what the prospective teacher expects of you, what curriculum they use, how much they charge, etc.

Check the teacher's website for reviews and testimonials. Or, ask current/former students for letters of recommendation.


If you can answer "yes" to the following questions, a potential teacher may  good fit for you!

Good Piano Teachers Have These Qualities!





Do they make you feel valued and respected? Is your musical journey a priority to the teacher?

Does your teacher help you feel excited about practicing, performing, and learning piano and music in general?

Do they praise your playing for your strengths, but also honestly help you with your errors?

Do they help you consistently improve each week, or are you stagnating?

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